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"Certified Depressant" by Taylor Acorn

"Certified Depressant" Cover Art
Photo by Doltyn Snedden

Taylor Acorn has exploded in popularity with her shift to the pop/ rock genre in recent years with the new style of her hits like "Shapeshifting." She has also been crowned "the emo princess," having collaborations with bands like Magnolia Park, 408, and Arrows in Action, and she continues building her emo pop/rock base and showcasing her talent with the release of her latest EP Certified Depressant on September 22.

The EP opens with "Sticking Around," a song for anyone looking for the person that will stick with them through even our worst moments.

The title track, "Certified Depressant," follows putting listeners immediately in their feels. The instantly relatable song hits close to home for anyone who identifies as a certified depressant that overthinks, second guesses, or feels like they're happy but pretending.

Up next is "I Think I'm In Love," which is an upbeat love song that makes fans cry happy tears. The single, originally released around Valentine's Day of this year, was Taylor's first love song since her first EP released in 2017, which was a welcome surprise from her fans.

"Good Enough" has lyrics that punch us right in the gut, asking the question: "Who do you want me to be?" The question tackles the topic of negative self image and the idea of never being good enough for others, but first of all, for ourselves.

"Famous Last Words" counters the previous song, exclaiming growth. As Taylor has been saying on her socials: "This song hits different when you're healing."

The iconic breakup song "Psycho" follows as a middle finger to anyone who has made us feel like we're insane in or out of a relationship. It really answers the question "Oh, you think I'm crazy? Let me retaliate and show who you made crazy."

Another song released before the EP, "Coma," which Taylor shares is her favorite song, is a without a doubt tearjerker. The song written with Cassadee Pope has a re-recorded version that features the cowriter's powerful vocals along with a music video featuring both of the iconic artists on the song. The song delves into the idea of seeing someone for who they truly are after you're out of the haze that blinds you from the worst parts of them and keeps you close to the relationship.

The EP closes out with "Everything Sucks," a song inspired by true events. Taylor shares that the song came to her after her car broke down and even when she felt she was losing control, she was able to ground herself in the support she had received from those around her. The song is not only a love song to those closest to her, but also for her fans that have continually supported her even when things may suck.

Taylor's incredibly personal and heartfelt lyrics connect her to her fans on an emotional level with Certified Depressant. The singer makes a point to connect with her fans in any way that she can, from chatting with them at shows to interacting with them on her platforms. She shares on Instagram: "To those who have stuck around from the beginning and the new friends I've made along this crazy little journey, thank you. I would not be able to do any of this if it wasn't for you and I am eternally grateful. I hope you will love these songs as much as I do." This is the first project that "the emo princess" has put out with songs that are entirely written by her in seven years. And with this project, she truly shows us that being emo was never a phase.

The EP comes out just in time for fans to learn all the lyrics to the four new songs, as Taylor announced her first ever headline run in the US happening in November of this year. Tickets to the upcoming shows can be found here.

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