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Catch Not My Weekend on the "OTHERSIDE"


Pop-alt band from LA Not My Weekend is set to release another catchy song on Friday, September 8th. With ear worms like "SHUT.UP" and "KNOCK.ME.OUT" already available for our listening pleasure, "OTHERSIDE.(BREAK.UP.SONG)" is sure to be stuck in your head for days with its rhythmic guitar, emotive verses, and a poetic chorus.

According to the band's Instagram, "OTHERSIDE" is about being involved in a bad breakup that's your fault and you know you've hurt the other person. With lyrics like "And I wanna make it work // But all I do is make it hurt," the song still has the classic buoyant feel the pop-alt band is known for while making the listener feel dejected by the bad breakup.

Not only are the lyrics meaningful and meant to hurt just a tad, the guitar melody brings the whole thing together with its soft, repetitive sound. Lyrics like "I sold you out // I did my best // I held my cards // Against my chest" emphasizes the whole point of the song: being the reason for the bad breakup.

Be sure to give the song a close listen because around the 2:12 mark, there's a nice little easter egg you'll miss if you don't listen carefully!

Want to catch Not My Weekend live? Starting in November, they'll be headed out on tour with This Wild Life for "The Tour Story" Tour. Dates and tickets can be purchased here: This Wild Life | Official Site (!



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