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Caroline Romano Wants You To Know It "Doesn't Matter"

Doesn't Matter Cover Art

The 22-year-old Nashville-based singer/songwriter Caroline Romano has released “Doesn’t Matter”. This comes after her single “Used By You” which dropped in February. Caroline describes this single as “a ‘choose your own storyline’ song. I wrote it about a relationship that felt like a double-edged sword.” Her soft voice surrounded by gentle instruments depicts an unavoidable heartbreak that would benefit both parties. 

Mimicking the tuning of a car radio, we are joined by Caroline at the end of a date. She shares her confusion about whether this person is right for her. Falling for someone so easily can break you when they don’t feel the same way. The lyrics, “A paper bag and your nice clothes, I say too much, still you take me home, But I don’t know if I have you yet,” expresses hesitation on why this person is doing so much for her if they are not together. The repetition of “have you yet,” conveys overthinking and how everyone can relate to this single.

Photo by Kelsey Runge

The groovy chorus touches on the dysfunctional relationship, “I don’t wanna know who you’re talking to when you’re on the telephone, Certified heartbreak whisper, “Take me up the stairs”, I won’t ask you if you kissed her.” Caroline would rather not be kept in the loop, and not let her feelings get the best of her. After this night, she can’t help but recall the memories and everything reminds her of that one faithful night. She does an exceptional job expressing her feelings, this song's production shows how influential music is to the 22-year-old singer. 

Caroline has grown from her 2023 EP, A Brief Epic, which was more of an alt-rock, drum-heavy project. This new era is more laid back with dreamy synths, but still keeping with that personal level and not being afraid to speak her mind. 

If you want to catch Caroline performing her newest single and more, she is currently on tour with Smallpools and Grayscale for the West Coast leg of their tour. Her run concludes in Austin, TX on May 8th. Get tickets here.

Caroline Romano Tour Dates:

April 26 - Bend, OR @ Domino Room

April 27 - Portland, OR @ Polaris Hall

April 28 - Seattle, WA @ Neumos

April 30 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent

May 2 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre

May 3 - Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room

May 4 - Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom

May 7 - Dallas, TX @ House of Blues Cambridge Room

May 8 - Austin, TX @ Antone's Nightclub 

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