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Care About Me by JESSIA

Care About Me,” the latest release by Canadian-pop artist JESSIA, is a beautiful ballad that captures the heartbreaking experience of your partner falling out of love with you. Guided by strong vocals, the song dives into the depths of emotional pain, vulnerability, and the struggle of taking responsibility for a deteriorating connection. 

Photo by Chase Hanssen

The track starts with piano chords and soft vocals in true ballad fashion and adds the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar later on. The simplicity of the background instrumentals allows JESSIA to shine with her clean lyrics and sentimental tone. 

Throughout the song, JESSIA makes it clear that she knows her relationship is falling apart, and that’s better on her own, but struggles to actually pull herself away for one reason or another. With lyrics like, “Rip my heart from my chest, and I”lll still apologize for making a mess,” JESSIA sings about a willingness to bear the weight of heartbreak even if it’s not her fault. 

Relationships are complex and the song does a great job at capturing these complexities, especially in the bridge, where JESSIA apologizes to herself for making herself continue through with a toxic relationship. The bridge adds a level of self-awareness and is, hopefully, the turning point needed before finally being able to heal. At its core, the song is an anthem for those who feel unseen or alone in their relationships, particularly romantic ones. 

JESSIA, photo by Chase Hanssen

JESSIA teased the song on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram and earned an overwhelming response from listeners and fans. Under any post that uses the song, comments flood in from hundreds of heartbroken women–just like JESSIA. “...I relate all too well. 2 [years] of torturing myself for him, just to get friend-zoned and abandoned,” one TikTok user writes. “Patiently waiting for this song, so I can scream it in my truck in my driveway,” another one says. 

“Care About Me” is more than a song. It’s a story told through the perspective of a heartbroken woman about her journey through the dark-side of love. JESSIA’S ability to create music that resonates with the collective experiences of women around the world, combined with her sheer talent, shows a real future for the pop artist. 

“Care About Me” is out now wherever you stream music. 

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