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Can't Swim Kicks Off The New Year with "me vs me vs all of y'all"

"me vs me vs all of y'all" Cover Art

Can't Swim just released their new single, "me vs me vs all of y'all," on January 19th, following their latest track released in 2022, "i heard they found you face down inside your living room." Both songs are off of their upcoming album, "Thanks But No Thanks," which is set to release on March 3rd, followed by a touring cycle in spring (March through May) with Free Throw. "me vs me vs all of y'all" is more upbeat than their previous single, since that song is following a suicide. Both songs are accompanied by heavy guitar riffs and moving vocals, which is this band's forte.

Can't Swim is a post-punk/emo-pop band out of New Jersey, consisting of Chris LoPorto, Mike Sanchez, Greg McDevitt, Danny Rico, and Blake Gamel. Their music is hearted in the same ideas of modern pop-punk struggles of musicianship, growing pains, relationship troubles, and other general hardships of life. This new single is insightful to the troubles of touring, such as missing out on life and having to constantly restart.

"me vs me vs all of y'all" also entailed a music video in which the main character experiences many misfortunes on the way to a Can't Swim concert. Can't Swim filmed this music video with the help of fans in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, and I got the joy of participating in it. This was an incredibly fun shoot. We got to mosh for about 3 hours straight while filming shots where the main character finally makes it to the Can't Swim show.

I, as well as many others, am incredibly excited to see what the new album and touring cycle entails. Feel free to follow Can't Swim on all of their socials!

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