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"Call U After Rehab" by Devon Cole

Being vulnerable in a song can be hard sometimes. Letting your audience in by telling a story that is personal can be a scary thing to do, and it's so beautiful to witness. These were my thoughts while listening to “Call U After Rehab” by Devon Cole. Released on March 10th, Devon poured her heart out in this song, making an anthem for those who take time to heal and love themselves before anything else.

The song starts out with the strums of an electric guitar, leading the way for Devon’s velvety vocals to drive through. The first verse talks about the things she notices her partner lets her do, even if it isn’t the most healthy, stating “You think it’s funny when I’m angry. I pick a fight and you don’t mind.”

Heading to the pre-chorus Devon admits “I think this could be love, but I’m working through some stuff.” In the chorus, she talks about how she knows she has problems and wants to fix them before continuing the relationship asking “Can I call you after rehab?” In the second chorus, she admits “I want to run to you for cover to get some piece from my own mind.” and talks more about how much she wants to be with them; however, she knows it won’t be the best idea for the both of them.

These lyrics are so relatable, making this song one that can be replayed over and over again. An echo and response happens towards the end of the second chorus, beautifully asking once more “Can I call you after rehab?” Heading into the bridge, Devon says “Your love feels like revolution, A spoon full of sugar from my heart.” as melodious adlibs are heard in the background.

The last chorus is definitely the point where I started screaming the lyrics of the song, being ones easy to remember and super fun to sing aloud due to its relatability. Overall, the song shares a beautiful message with an upbeat tempo that allows you to feel the lyrics and their sincerity.

Devon Cole has released many hit singles including “W.I.T.C.H” and “Hey Cowboy”. Her first single came out in July of 2020 titled “July for the Whole Year” Devon Cole has been nominated for awards such as the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” Juno Award and the “Favorite Breakout Artist” at the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. Devon is also opening up for Valley in the month of April in various cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver! Make sure to check out Devin’s music!


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