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Call them what you like, but they prefer Lovejoy...

Seemingly taking the music industry by storm, Lovejoy is an up-and-coming British indie-rock band, and they are certainly making their presence known. With a very passionate and active fanbase, Lovejoy has blown expectations out of the water, especially with their newest single, "Call Me What You Like," which dropped on February 10th.

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Call Me What You Like Single Cover

"Call Me What You Like" is more of a step towards rock than any of their past releases, and their fanbase is all over it. With over a million streams in the first 24 hours, their new song makes heavy use of the drums (which the band is notable for due to the use of a double-kick drum), some intense guitar riffs, a strong bass rhythm, and captivating vocals that have you wanting to scream the song back at them. To quote the frontman himself, the song is about “many things, but mainly your ex-girlfriend’s, mum’s bedroom…,” which isn’t a surprising description to the fans of the band, who are used to their sense of humour. If you’re a fan of bands like Arctic Monkeys and Los Campesinos, you’ll definitely enjoy the songs Lovejoy is due to put out. The song has already been played on the radio and received insane amounts of attention on Twitter, which is the band’s most active platform.

Will Gold (vocals and guitar), Joe Goldsmith (guitar), Mark Boardman (drums), and Ash Kabosu (bass) have spent the last six months touring the UK and part of the US, teasing new songs from their new EP, consistently selling out venues, and in some cases needing to upgrade venues due to demand. As well as a new EP due to release later this year, Lovejoy already has two tours lined up (Inselaffe Tour for the UK and Europe, and Across The Pond Tour for America and Canada) and a handful of festivals all over! These lads have a lot lined up, and it really is amazing to see from a band that came out of nowhere through quarantine.

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