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Call Me Cynical by Wave Break

"Call Me Cynical" Cover Art via Spotify

The Northeast has been producing some of the highest quality rock bands for years, and Wave Break is no exception. The band from the Jersey Shore started releasing music in 2017 and have most recently released their single, "Spark," in April 2023, showing their range as a band. But, with this new single, "Call Me Cynical," the band is taking the opportunity to comment on the selfishness of the human condition with lyrics that sting to an incredibly catchy tune.

Wave Break, Photo by Kris Khunachak

Kelly Barber (singer) shared her thoughts on the song with us, saying, "The song to me is a rage-fueled anthem...Sometimes it can be overwhelming, just the sheer amount of bad people there are out there. So, I'd want fans to know from this song that they're not alone in feeling that way, and it's okay to feel frustrated by it. And, I want assholes to learn to be more compassionate and empathetic of other people." She shared with us that the lyrics of the moody song were originally inspired by how humanity revealed itself during Covid when it came to people refusing to do the bare minimum to be considerate of others.

Tom (bassist) also shared his perspective with us, saying, "'Call Me Cynical' can dive further into the metaphor of some friends or personal relationships that might not exactly understand that they're doing more harm than good. It can even be directed as a message to the listener to potentially reach out to that loved one that you haven't lately." Both Kelly and Tom agreed that the song-writing process for "Call Me Cynical" came very naturally, and with the visual frustration infused into every aspect of the song, we can see why! Tom also shared, "Personally, I think this was everyone's chance at showing off what we all could do; Kelly with her fantastic vocal range, Criss with his creative lead guitar licks, Kyle with his in pocket but driving drums, and then me with bass lines that kinda weaved in and out of being too busy and simple. This was a glimpse of everyone doing what they do best."

This song is definitely a reflection of where the band is headed and is accompanied by a music video that perfectly encapsulates that "wtf" feeling, highlighting the irritation that Kelly expresses in the lyrics, "It's not that hard to be there. It's not that hard to just care." The release of this new music coincides some exciting announcements from the band that include some live performances, and you're going to want to take advantage of these performances now!

You can catch Wave Break at The Stone Pony in Ashbury, New Jersey on February 4th and Old Post in Merchantville, New Jersey on March 2nd to get a taste of what we're talking about. Tickets to those shows can be found here.

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