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"Breathe For Me" by Late 9 feat. Patient Sixty-Seven

"Breathe For Me" Cover Art

Following their latest single "Repeated Apology" that gained some traction on TikTok, Late 9 out of Boston teams up with the Australia-based band, Patient Sixty-Seven, from across the globe, to create an iconic metalcore collaboration in "Breathe For Me." Late 9's vocalist, Kyle Farrar, shares, "We started releasing music back in 2020, pushing the very important message that our songs are highly revolved around mental health and substance abuse awareness. With every high there is a low and vice versa, that's why our songs consist of both aspects lyrically. Nothing can be perfect, but we want each track to end with a light at the end of the tunnel - that is what Late 9 is all about. Living hopeful, and strong, and prevailing through the lows, to live to see the highs - one big family!” Farrar and Patient Sixty-Seven's vocalist, Tom Kiely, give us the perfect back-and-forth throughout the song, providing us with an absolute rager from their instantly recognizable screams alone. But of course, the production of the guitars, bass, and drums from the rest of the band do not disappoint, and contribute to the heavy feel of the song that they are known for. Late 9 is made up of vocalist Kyle Farrar, guitarists Dennis Burt and Jaie Beaudet, bassist Shaye Pagel, and drummer Chris Jordan. The band is preparing to release more singles in anticipation of an EP in the near future, as well as some upcoming performances. You'll definitely want to check them out, if you're not listening to them on repeat already because we predict they will be playing their own sold-out headliners soon.

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