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Bluphoria shares cold-blooded new single "Columbia"

Courtesy of Jena Yannone

Rock n' roll fans, I'm about to put you on something real quick. Bluphoria, an alternative/psychedelic rock band based out of Nashville, just dropped "Columbia," an edgy, lion-hearted piece that tells the story of experiencing love addiction through rose-colored glasses. "She's so cold-blooded her face is dolled up and her Docs are muddy. " Reign LaFreniere, the lead singer of Bluphoria, kicks off the track by describing the appearance of a new fling he's enamored with. As the piece goes on, LaFreniere continues sharing details about what "she" does to him. Relaxed but sharp guitar riffs match the vocals as we're brought to the chorus. "I saw her kissing all of my friends, but I don't care I wanna see her again." The song revolves around the idea of knowing someone is not good for you, but you're hooked and in too deep to care. There's grit in the rhythm, truly bringing out the rock n' roll elements Bluphoria is aiming for. The message is complex, but the melody is spirited and surprisingly upbeat.

And good news! "Columbia" will be a track included in Bluphoria's forthcoming major label full-length debut. When speaking about what to expect for this next album, LaFreniere states: "I wrote these songs as a black man making rock ‘n’ roll in America. Rock ‘n’ roll started as a black art pioneered by black men and women. I’m taking my people’s music back. We’re reframing it together in our way. The rhythm is the focal point. The blues is in there. Rock ‘n’ roll is definitely not dying.” Bluphoria's upcoming album is expected to be released on May 5th via EDGEOUT/UME/UMG.

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