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With a beat that makes you want to "party on your deathbed," Hot Milk released their third single, "BLOODSTREAM," on July 12th, in anticipation of their debut album A CALL TO THE VOID. "BLOODSTREAM" provides the familiar angst associated with the band, not only in its musicality but also in its lyrics. The English band describes the new single on Twitter, saying: "Unhealthy adoration comes in many forms, the short-term thrill for the post-high collapse can create an abusive relationship. You think it's love, you think you're in control, you think you can say no if you needed to but you're not the one in the driving seat anymore. You're enamored and enthralled but hopelessly self-aware in all of it, self-loathing of your own bloodstream. A person, a thing, a substance, we all have our weaknesses. It's all addiction, people can be like drugs, and drugs can be like people." The song fits perfectly into the theme of the album A CALL TO THE VOID, named after the French phrase "l'appel du vide," which refers to the compelling urge to seek out an opportunity for death. The new single precedes the Hot Milk Headline Tour across the UK, and the band will continue to play festivals across Europe for the remainder of the summer. Tickets to their summer shows and headline tour can be found here.

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