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Blondestandard is "FREAKIN OUT" on New Single

Cover Art by Frank G. Danna via Spotify

Friday May 17th saw the release of a brand new single from blondestandard, also known as singer/songwriter Caroline Grace Vein, for the first time in over two years. Following a battle with cancer, Vein is back and ready to take the music industry by storm with “FREAKIN OUT,” an alternative, electro-pop anthem that is dance-floor ready and full of summer vibes. 

blondestandard, Photo by Grace McCarthy

“FREAKIN OUT” centers itself around themes of love and loss; more specifically, falling for a fellow musician and the tumultuous time that can come along with such a relationship. While we can’t all relate directly to dating musicians, many of us who haven’t have surely fantasized about it at one time or another, and Vein is here to say that it’s not all glitz and glamor. Vein touches on themes of self-doubt and wanting to try to make things work with the pre-chorus lines, “What would I do if I was the fool? I’m blaming myself,” and “What would you do if you told the truth, and nobody fell?” Conversely, with the lines, “I hope that you remember when we met right after your show,” and “You push way more than city limits,” she does not hesitate to let her former flame know that she’s done with the bullshit they’ve put her through.

Even if we haven’t all dated a musician, most of us have likely been in some kind of relationship that went south. Blondestandard’s new track is highly relatable and accessible, while also being incredibly catchy, and is sure to be a staple on many summer playlists. 

“FREAKIN OUT” by blondestandard is out now. If you haven't already, you're going to want to check it out!


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