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Emotional damage with upbeat instrumentation, “BLENDER” the latest 5 Seconds of Summer single, released on July 13th, 2022.

BLENDER cover art via Spotify

Written and produced by Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Jake Torrey and Peter Thomas. The new pop-rock single from the forthcoming fifth studio album, set to release on September 23rd, talks about how when you are in a relationship two distinct pieces of individuals are put together, and theres a hope of feeling complete, but it doesn’t always work out, so you end up trying anything you can to make things better, taking the good and the bad, mixing all those feelings together, and you get so overwhelmed and trapped in this cycle, and even though you can see it’s not working anymore, you’re so intertwined with this person that you can’t leave.

In this track, Luke’s vocals and Calum’s bass are the main focus but we also have a subtle guitar riff and drums in the background done by Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin. The instrumental matches very well with the lyricism on this with the idea of in the chorus section the instrumentation falling apart. On the live version performed on the Take My Hand Tour, we notice the drums have their own moment with a solo at the end of the song. Calum sings the backing vocals and he also is the one singing the highest notes His falsettos seems like they’re going to be used a lot in this album from what we’ve heard on the first three singles, “Complete Mess”, “Take My Hand” and “Me, Myself & I”.

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