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Black Veil Brides And Ville Valo Turn St. Petersburg Florida Into A "Temple of Love"

The iconic duo no one knew they needed stopped by Jannus Live in St. Petersburg on September 12th. Black Veil Brides and Ville Valo released a song together back in June that paired with the tour announcement, and though they did not perform this song together at the show, they still put on a wonderful performance! BVB and VV were joined by Dark Divine, a metal band from Orlando, so the local support was through the roof.

The night began with Dark Divine, who got the crowd fired up from the start. With their iconic face and body paint and ripped-up black clothes, they were ready to rock. The performance, lights, vocals, and instrumentals immediately set the tone for the night ahead.

Dark Divine via Nolan Fisher

Ville Valo was next to take the stage, but before he even got on stage, his fans were riled up, eager to see the former HIM frontman take the stage. VV performed 13 songs, six of which were covers of songs from HIM. Of course, his lighting consisted mainly of his iconic pink and purplish lighting to fit his Neon Noir era. VV and his band sounded amazing, and if you're a fan of sexy rock music, you should definitely check VV out!

When the time came for Black Veil Brides to begin, the crowd started a chant: "Black! Veil! Brides! Black! Veil! Brides! Black! Veil! Brides!" The chant lasted a good while before the audience began to lose their breath, but then the lights went out and the intro music began.

The crowd at Jannus Live roared when each member of BVB entered the stage. No one was ready. BVB opened up with "Crimson Skies" off their 2021 album The Phantom Tomorrow. The production and light show were absolutely stunning to view from up close and from afar. No matter where in the venue you were standing, you were visually entertained. However, that did not outweigh the performance of the band. Jinxx, who plays a variety of instruments for the band, switched out his guitar for his violin for a couple of songs, and he sounded amazing. Jake Pitts (lead guitar) and Lonny Eagleton (bass guitar) also put on a great performance. Andy Biersack (aka Andy Black) put on a great vocal performance in addition to his high energy movements on stage. All the way in the back, but definitely not forgotten, was CC, the band's iconic and super talented drummer. All of these guys put on a stellar performance St. Petersburg will not forget, if you get the chance check these guys out on tour!

All images of Black Veil Brides, Ville Valo, and Dark Divine by Nolan Fisher.


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