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Big Night with Big Time Rush in Birmingham

On June 19, Big Time Rush brought their sold out European tour to Birmingham’s very own O2 Academy. And again, European fans did not fail- the venue was packed all the way from the front to the very back. 

Photo of Big Time Rush by Maja Nowacka
Big Time Rush by Maja Nowacka

Photo of Spencer Sutherland by Maja Nowacka
Spencer Sutherland by Maja Nowacka

As support, Big Time Rush brought along Spencer Sutherland. In my humble opinion, I must admit that he did a very good job warming up the crowd for the headliner, which is exactly what a support act is supposed to be. There were some fans who knew his songs and sang along, but even if for the others, it was the first encounter with Spencer’s music, they let his music catch them dancing around and enjoying his set. And, Spencer paid back; he promised to include Birmingham once he is back on his own headline tour.

Minutes before Big Time Rush came onto the stage the crowd started chanting their band name, which, I assume, really got them hyped for the show. They started their set with "Big Night," which is the song from their first album, and that was it! The crowd made the noise, and Birmingham’s "Big Night" started. About halfway through the set, they decided to give a break to the dancing crowd and started playing acoustic songs, which were "Cover Girl” and "Ask you tonight." But, soon afterwards they announced that they were going to play one of their biggest hits, "Worldwide," and asked the fans if anybody would want to come up on the stage for it. Instantly, the ocean of signs appeared of each and every fan begging to be the next "Worldwide Girl." Each band member picked one fan and dedicated the song to them. They all sang and danced with the lucky girls, which was really lovely to see them making the fans dreams come true. Later on, Big Time Rush again surprised the crowd, stepping down the stage and approaching the barricade to greet the fans and sing "Paralyzed." I think it’s safe to say that this song is definitely one of the fans’ favourites, and the emotions fell through the roof. Not so long later, the band left the stage just to tease the fans who wanted more and to come back minutes later for the encore. When they appeared again, for three more songs, two of them wore England jerseys, which was a really nice touch and made the English crowd go wild. They ended their set with two of their most recognisable songs, which were "Big Time Rush” and "Boyfriend." In summary, even though a lot people went to the show out of nostalgia for the old Nickelodeon series, Big Time Rush, the fans knew the lyrics to the songs from their latest album and sang along with the brand-new hits, proving their never-ending commitment to the band and their music.

All above photos of Big Time Rush and Spencer Sutherland were taken by Maja Nowacka.

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