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Beartooth Started A 'Riptide' in Orlando

On February 3rd, 2024, American metalcore band Beartooth visited the home of Mickey Mouse, House of Blues Orlando. The perfect fit, Beartooth brought along The Plot In You, Invent Animate, and Sleep Theory on this tour. Each band having their own unique sound, but all captivating the full audience.

Caleb Shomo of Beartooth via Nolan Fisher

Sleep Theory got the crowd going right off that bat. The band put a lot of effort into their performance, making sure they gained some new fans throughout their set.

Invent Animate was next and it was genuinely one of the best sets I’ve ever seen, the bands’ white layered outfits with pretty colorful lights made the performance visually gorgeous, along with their experimental instrumentals and heavy vocals.

Next up The Plot In You took over. The whole crowd was enamored with The Plot In You’s performance, everyone belting the lyrics to all their songs. Most notably their track “Forgotten” which has recently gained traction on TikTok. With arguably their heaviest call out, everyone, including me, was yelling every word.

Beartooth via Nolan Fisher

Then the main event everyone was waiting for finally came… Beartooth. Opening up their set with “Sunshine” with bright yellow lights and visuals, we were transported to a bright and fun summer day, with yellow confetti filling the room. The crowd was immediately all-in. Singing and screaming every word like it was their own. The band went on to play a nice mix of their discography, including a bunch of tracks from their latest album The Surface, and a few of their big hits throughout the years. Lead vocalist, Caleb Shomo, went out into the crowd and gave a long monologue about his personal growth, the band’s evolution, and his appreciation for fans who have stuck by their side, then came an acoustic performance of “Mr. Brightside” and “Look The Other Way.” After this sweet moment, we went back into the fast-paced Beartooth we all love. The visuals for this whole performance were captivating, I couldn’t look away there was so much visual stimulation. Most notably when the encore came around they played “Riptide” in which they used a wide variety of blue visuals and lights to create an underwater vibe, then used blue confetti to top it off mid-song. Of course, they couldn’t leave without playing “In Between” which is a staple track for the band, racking up over 133 million streams (as of 2/6/2024) on Spotify alone since its 2014 release. This tour is still ongoing, so make sure to grab a ticket or two to the closest date to you!

All photos of Beartooth via Nolan Fisher.

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