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Bad Decisions by Benny Blanco

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Still looking for a perfect catchy track to round-up your summer playlist? Look no further, “Bad Decisions” will make you dance all day! The song combines Benny Blanco’s production with BTS’ vocal lines (Jin, Jimin, V & Jungkook) honey voices, and Snoop Dogg’s flow to achieve that fun feeling for the summertime.

cover art via Spotify

Blanco’s ability to mix amazing hits shines in this song, totally conveying the feeling of making “bad decisions” with someone. The intro gives the vibes of Snoop’s previous hits, and BTS’ vocals are the perfect addition to this song by matching the beat and adding their characteristic voices to make it flow even better. Like in “California Gurls,” the fun energy helps the lyrics to get that young and risky excitement for someone, shown in lines like “I want you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, baby, every night.” The “ooh-aah” parts added at the end of the chorus were featured on a remix that Blanco did with three BTS songs voted by ARMYs in May, hiding an easter egg for the song months earlier. This remix is only available on Instagram Reels and on TikTok.

The “Bad Decisions” music video was also released as the song premiered, showing Blanco doing preparations to attend a BTS concert. After waking up in his bedroom (filled with BTS merch and posters), he prepares a purple cake (BTS’ representative color) and he prepares posters with cutouts of BTS’ Instagram photos that he will bring to the show. He also changes his clothes to Jimin’s outfit from BTS’ hit “Dynamite” as he dances to the song’s choreography. Snoop also makes an appearance in the video, rapping his lines while being the driver of a cool car. This video shows Blanco as a total ARMY, sharing his excitement to be able to see them live.

“Bad Decisions” has brought together all of the elements to become a summer hit: great collaborators with amazing flow and vocals, and a catchy rhythm. This song is perfect to change that August heat into fun and excitement.

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