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August Burns Red Rescues and Restores Metal Music to The House of Blues in Orlando Florida

Starting the show off in Orlando Saturday night was Japanese metalcore band Crystal Lake. Lead singer John Robert Centorrino did a fantastic job capturing the audience’s attention and keeping the energy high the whole set with mosh pits and crowd surfers as far as the eye could see.

Spite via Helena Tankosic

Next up was Brand of Sacrifice, a Toronto based deathcore quintet and wow did they deliver. Vocalist Kyle Anderson, despite feeling under the weather, absolutely blew me away. This was my first time seeing this band perform and I loved every minute of it and would highly recommend for people to go and experience their live shows.

Prefacing our headliner was deathcore band, Spite. This was now my second time seeing Spite perform and it was just as amazing as the first time. Darius seriously never fails to amaze me with his vocal skills. The band itself brings crazy energy and everyone I know who has seen them perform has loved them even if the genre isn’t their “thing”. They just love the energy and performance the band is able to give. Crowd surfers started almost immediately and continued to do so through the rest of the performance with barely any stopping.

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for, August Burns Red was setting up to perform. I must say the lighting for this show was actually incredible, I was actually mesmerized before they even started performing. The quintet had everyone losing their minds, rightfully so as this is their Rescue and Restore 10 year anniversary tour. One of the most interesting things I noticed during the show was that the members occasionally change instruments for songs! I’ve only seen a few bands that have done that so that was definitely something that took me by surprise but was done very well!

August Burns Red via Helena Tankosic

After enticing the crowd to actually have more people crowd surf, they ended up having to ask for more security guards to come to the front barricades to help the audience members get over safely. As the band left the stage they were obviously met with a roaring applause and cheers chanting “one more song”. The band obliged and actually ended up coming back out and playing more than “one more song” leaving our Orlando fans with smiles on their faces.

All photos of August Burns Red, Crystal Lake, Brand of Sacrifice, and Spite are by Helena Tankosic

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