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Asking Alexandria Shakes Up Denver

Asking Alexandria brought the Psycho Thunder Tour to Denver, CO, on October 3 alongside Mongolian metal band The HU and Zero 9:36. After two years, Asking Alexandria debuted their newest record, Where Do We Go From Here?, back in August. Following the release, they took to the road to play new and old songs for their awaiting fans.

Photo by Lex Caiola

Photo by Lex Caiola

The night began with Zero 9:36. They got The Fillmore warmed up with energetic, rap-rock songs like "The End" and "Adrenaline." Nearing the middle of their set, singer Matthew Cullen explained why the band went on stage a few minutes before they were originally supposed to. He expressed how he has a new song coming out soon that he has yet to play live. He decided tonight was the night to add it to their set. Zero 9:36 debuted the song "Kill Me" in Denver! It was very exciting to be one of the first people to experience the new track.

Photo by Lex Caiola

Next up was The HU. With the crowd ready, The HU took control of the stage. Their setup consisted of multiple drumsets and vocalists which made for one huge, badass performance. During their set, they stopped to acknowledge the recent fires in Lahaina, Maui, as well as pay respects to all Indigenous peoples around the world. The crowd cheered in response. It was an empowering moment shared by the band and fans.

Photo by Lex Caiola

Asking Alexandria closed the show with an enthusiastic set consisting of old songs, new songs, and banter. Lead singer Danny Worsnop is the perfect balance of work and play. He absolutely crushed songs from their recent record as well as old favorites like "Breathless" and "Let Go." In between songs, he took the time to connect with the audience. At one point, he laughed about how the Colorado Avalanche, the state's professional hockey team, recently lost to the Dallas Stars. The crowd booed while Danny jokingly made fun of them. He also had the crowd practice their “encore cheering” as he explained how silly the concept of an encore is. Both fans and band know the show isn't really over when the stage lights begin to dim.

For a Tuesday show, the crowd was full of energy. The bands on the Psycho Thunder Tour are to thank for that. It was an incredibly fun evening start to finish. With only one date left of this run, I will be looking forward to the next time Asking Alexandria comes through Colorado!

All photos of Asking Alexandria, The HU, and Zero 9:36 are by Lex Caiola

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