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Artists to Watch: September 2023

A lot of new artists have been breaking onto the music scene in recent years. These young artists show us the direction that music is headed, not only using inspiration from some of their favorite artists, but going places that other artists have never gone before. Introducing this month’s trifecta of up-and-coming artists in pop, rock, and indie music, we will be delving into the sonically alternative mixture of Wild Love, along with the powerhouse vocals of MVSSIE, and the romanticization-induced sound of LVRBOY.

via @wearewildlove on Instagram

Wild Love has created a unique alternative indie sound infused with attitude driven rock and hook heavy pop. The band is composed of frontman Brandon Gorman and guitarist Michael Crecca, who formed their band after meeting at a high school bus stop in Virginia. The duo, now located in Nashville, TN, draws inspiration from artists like Green Day, Sum 41, Blur, The Vaccines, Valley, and The Academic to create their intriguing blend. Being able to play some live shows in Nashville at venues like Marathon Music Works and festivals like Live on the Green has

given the band the opportunities to play international shows and tour, including some upcoming shows across the eastern United States. You can buy tickets to one of their upcoming shows here and check out their music on Spotify.

via @hellolvrboy on Instagram

The hopeless over-romantic LVRBOY has been gaining some attention recently after releasing his latest single "That's What Friends Are For." The artist out of Ohio has been releasing music since 2019 and relocated to Nashville, TN in recent years. LVRBOY is hot off a live performance co-headlining with 90's Kids at the Exit/In in Nashville on August 25th, and has collaborated with several artists, including dreamr. on the 2022 song "Always Wonder." We can't wait to see what this artist does next.

via @mvssieofficial on Instagram

After releasing singles "therapy" and "ohio's not for lovers" in 2023, MVSSIE has been gaining traction in the world of rock. The California-based artist has been releasing music since 2017 and has built a following on TikTok after posting an open verse challenge to Atlus' song "You're a Fucking Bitch Hope You Know That Shit," which lead to MVSSIE's clap-back version "you're a fucking dick hope you know that shit." TikTok has also catapulted her single "self sabotage" forward, quickly becoming a favorite of new listeners. With these recent achievements, MVSSIE has announced that she will be

opening for Weathers at their show at

the Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento, CA on September 2nd. Tickets to the show can be found here.

Up-and-coming artists are the future of music, and we are excited to see how they innovate within the music industry on their journeys!

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