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Artists to Watch: October 2023

Graphic by Sophia Tutti of Musaholic Magazine

A lot of new artists have been breaking onto the music scene in recent years. These young artists show us the direction that music is headed, not only using inspiration from some of their favorite artists, but going places that other artists have never gone before. Introducing this month’s trifecta of up-and-coming artists in pop, rock, and indie music, we will be delving into the good vibes in indie tracks of Scamps, the independent pop princess Cali Mesa, and the post hardcore band Maybsomeday.

Courtesy of Scamps' Spotify page

Scamps, the three backyard boys, have been a band for about seven years. They draw their indie alternative sound from bands like The Strokes. The Missouri band has had several releases this year, including their EP Lave, and three singles. Most of the band's songs can be described as moody, but with their latest single, "Sideways," released on June 30th, the band successfully captures the feeling of falling in love. The track brings an instant smile to any listener's face. This band does an incredible job making beautiful music in the indie-alternative genre, and we are keeping our eyes peeled for what they do next.

Cover Art of "Icarus and The Sun"

Cali Mesa may very well be the next big pop star with her latest singles "Icarus and The Sun," "Written By A Man," and "BOY TEARS." The singer out of Los Angeles truly makes music for the girlies, not only in her sound, but with her incredibly empowering lyrics. If you enjoy good music and even better vibes, Cali will be on the lineup for Phoenix Pride on October 22 at the Community Stage at 5pm. Get your tickets here because it will be the performance of a lifetime for the girls, gays, and theys.

Photo by @bigguccicardo

Blending post hardcore with pop punk, Maybsomeday has brought "pure carnage and awesomeness" to DIY music. The band out of Indiana has been making some incredible strides in the rock scene, including landing a collaboration with Kellin Quinn on their song "Zombie," which was included on their EP LOVES NOT LOST. Since the release of their EP, the 5-piece band has also released two singles, and we can only assume they have more bangers in store.

Up-and-coming artists are the future of music, and we are excited to see how they innovate within the music industry on their journeys!

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