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Artists to Watch: November 2023

A lot of new artists have been breaking onto the music scene in recent years. These young artists show us the direction that music is headed, not only using inspiration from some of their favorite artists, but going places that other artists have never gone before. Introducing this month’s trifecta of up-and-coming artists in pop, rock, and indie music, we will be delving into the indie rock sounds of Phoneboy, the candid lyrics and alt-pop cultured harmonies of Skofee, and the rock sounds of Eli Hurts.

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Kicking off our features of this month, Phoneboy defines their band name as "someone consumed with their phone, unable to tear themselves away from distraction." The band started releasing music in 2021 with their self-titled album, Phoneboy. In 2023, the boyband released several singles leading up to their album Moving Out that is reminiscent of 2015 indie rock music. With this new music, the trio has a US headlining tour starting in mid-November and extending into December. You can find their show dates, locations, and tickets here. If you've ever wanted to show off your taste in music and ability to find artists before anyone else, we highly recommend you check out these guys.

Photo via Spotify

Up next, Skofee is the next big thing in pop singing-songwriting. Taking her influence in song-writing from folk and bluegrass, Skofee incorporates candid lyrics and cultured harmonies to her alt-pop style of music that she started releasing in 2020. Now operating out of Los Angeles, the alt-pop artist has released 3 EPs in 2023 alone. The music simultaneously sounds like something from the 70s and from the future. If you like big vibes and female vocalists, now is the time to check out Skofee.

Photo via @elihurts Instagram

Last on the list, but certainly not least, Eli Hurts started embarking on his solo project in 2020 after being in the band, courtship., prior. courtship. had the opportunity to tour with bands like Weezer, The Wombats, and Passion Pit. On the road with Passion Pit was when Eli wrote the first song for his solo project. Eli relates his music to his personal experiences by incorporating themes of feeling alone, the world falling apart, and heartbreak. The music speaks for itself and brings a type of healing to fans of rock in a way that nothing else can. We highly recommend you check out Eli's music if you're a fan of grunge rock.

Up-and-coming artists are the future of music, and we are excited to see how they innovate within the music industry on their journeys!

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