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Artists To Watch: March 2024

A lot of new artists have been breaking into the music scene in recent years. These young artists show us the direction that music is headed, not only using inspiration from some of their favorite artists, but going places that other artists have never gone before. Introducing this month’s trifecta of up-and-coming artists in pop, rock, and indie music, we will be featuring women in every category to celebrate Women's History Month. We will be delving into the indie rock nuances of Lauren Gunn, the iconic new girlband Say Now, and the alternative artist Caroline Reilly.

Lauren Gunn, Photo by Stephanie Parsley

Kicking off our features for women in music is Lauren Gunn, who is the newest artist in the indie-rock-and-folk-sphere. The new artist has been around music her whole life, being an award-winning classical pianist at a young age. But, Lauren describes herself as a storyteller, having a background in videography and editing, where she has created for some of country music's biggest names, like Dolly Parton, Rascal Flatts, and Thomas Rhett. Having the opportunity to work alongside musicians for the past 10 years inspired her to step out as a musical artist herself. Her music can be described by intertwining folk sensibilities with indie rock nuances and ethereal ambience. Lauren started releasing her first songs in 2023, which led up to her first EP, "Chaos Theory", which is the perfect music to listen to on a gloomy morning. If soft rock is your vibe, you'll want to start listening to Lauren Gunn now, and check her out at some of her upcoming live performances in Nashville in April.

Say Now, Photo by Saskia Kovandzich

Up next, is the new iconic girl group Say Now. The three-part girlband started out as needanamebro, but after garnering much deserved attention on TikTok for their insane vocals and unmatched harmonies, they found their place on the road to stardom. The trio has already had the opportunity to check off some major accomplishments in their short time, making music since only 2023, and having the opportunity to tour with Dylan in Europe. You're going to want to keep an eye on these girls, because we predict they will be on their own arena tours soon.

Caroline Reilly, Photo by @thrashbear on Instagram

Bringing our features home for this month is Caroline Reilly, a badass new alternative artist out of Atlanta. The young artist released her first song in 2021 and has subsequently been releasing absolute bangers of singles ever since. She describes her music as "energy-filled., heart-stopping music for those of us that feel beaten down and never heard." Her incredible talent has given her amazing opportunities to open for artists like Lit, Royal & The Serpent, Stand Atlantic, and Icon For Hire. If the new pop rock genre that has emerged out of pop punk is your vibe, you're going to want to check out Caroline Reilly to prove that you have great taste in music.

Women in music have faced a lot of barriers in the industry, including sexism and misogyny. So, being able to use an independent magazine run by a majority of women as a platform to celebrate women during Women's History Month and throughout the year is an incredible privilege. Up-and-coming artists are the future of music, and we are excited to see how they innovate within the music industry on their journeys!

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