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Arrows in Action: Jacksonville Will Never Get "Over It"

On March 4th, The Baku's Revenge Tour stopped in Jacksonville, Florida at the Underbelly. The bands, First and Forever, Poptropicaslutz, Arrows in Action, and Magnolia Park showed up to rock! Being only the second day of the tour all the bands and fans were pumped and excited to be there. For Magnolia Park and Arrows in Action, Florida stops on this tour felt like home, as this is where their roots lay.

The night began with First and Forever, who played mostly originals along with a cover of Paramore's iconic, "Misery Business". Alex Ryan, lead singer of First and Forever along with guitarist, Marcus Leopard hopped in with the crowd and started the first mosh pit of the night. Poptropicaslutz followed after and kept the crowd enthusiastic and energized!

Up next was Arrows in Action! They opened their set with "All The Ways I Could Die" which is a part of their 2021 EP Be More. This song hit the crowd hard with its insanely catchy chorus, powerful vocals, and instruments. Next, they took us back to 2020 with their single "This Time". Newer

Victor of Arrows in Action

and older fans of the trio sang along with the band, and it truly created a beautiful atmosphere in the intimate venue. Up next the band played "Over It" which is featured on their upcoming album Built to Last which releases on May 26th! "Endeavor" off of Be More., was the next high-energy, full-bodied track that filled the room with a jumping audience. Arrows in Action then played a new unreleased track called "Checking In". Playing it for the masses for the first time the night before, in Orlando, almost the entire crowd was already singing along to every word. The dedication of Arrows in Action fans knows no bounds! On Built to Last, "Put You Through Me" kept the high-energy going. Again with a classic catchy chorus and the stage presence of each member, the show was not slowing down!

Joshua Roberts, the lead singer of Magnolia Park, joined Arrows in Action on stage for their recent collaboration "The Credits" (check out my review of the track here). The crowd roared and cheered throughout these last few tracks knowing the final song on the set "Uncomfortably Numb" would be next. This track is also on their EP Be More. and Victor Viramontes-Pattison, Arrows' lead singer, says "the post-chorus is always so fun, it always feels like an explosion at the end of the set", which definitely holds true. With "Uncomfortably Numb" currently being the band's most streamed track, the crowd reception, and energy from the band was at its peak for the last few minutes and it was a wonderful experience for everyone in attendance.

Victor with Magnolia Park

To end off the night, Magnolia Park hit the stage and everyone was ready for another big bang. Victor even joined Magnolia Park on stage to sing Taylor Acorn's feature on "Misfits". Josh hopped into the mosh pit for a while, and overall everyone had a great rest of the night!

I highly recommend checking out Arrows in Action on tour any chance you can! They put on one of the best shows I've seen, and if you like alternative music that can be experimental at times Arrows in Action is a great band for you, find more tour dates here!

Arrows in Action is Victor Viramontes-Pattison (vocals & guitar), Jesse Frimmel (drums), and Matt Fowler (guitar)

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