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Arrows in Action Demonstrates They're "Built To Last"

And that's a wrap! Arrows in Action closed out their Built to Last Tour with an electric hometown show in Nashville, TN on August 11th. This was the band's first full headlining tour across the US, but it certainly won't be their last.

Photo by Sarah Rosin

Honey Revenge did much more than warm up the crowd for Arrows with an incredibly energetic performance filled with synchronized kicks that even included a conga line during "Favorite Song" and a pit that continued into AIA's set.

Photo by Sarah Rosin

The crowd went wild as Arrows in Action took the stage in their iconic Hot Cheetos-inspired jerseys. Every fan in attendance sang along to every word of each song performed, including an acoustic medley of some of the first songs the band put out. The band even provided a live performance of "Skully," a favorite of original fans of the band, that can only be found on limited streaming services.

Photo by Sarah Rosin

The Friday night was one of collaboration with the band bringing on several guest performers, not only to celebrate with AIA fans but to showcase the talented team that helped bring their music to life. Andrew Pacheco kicked off the guest appearances, playing bass on "Entropy." Next, the band brought out Spencer Jordan for a vocal feature during "Put You Through Me." Arrows even brought out Honey Revenge's Devin Papadol to sing Julian Comeu's Loveless feature on "The Credits." Closing out the show with a bang, Taylor Acorn and Dan Swank made the final guest appearances to play their hit "Uncomfortably Numb" with Arrows in Action.

In the same way that the final track on Built to Last flows so seamlessly back into the first track of the album, the concert left fans wishing they could play the experience on a loop the way the band designed their album to be experienced. AIA showed us through this live experience that they have been gaining traction for good reason in the music industry with this last album in the past few months and that they are truly "Built to Last."

All photos of Arrows in Action and Honey Revenge are by Sarah Rosin

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