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Arlie's Angelic Night in Denver

The Arlie’s Angels Tour hit Denver on the night of February 21st. Arlie is a band from Nashville, Tennessee that formed back in 2015. They have an alternative indie pop sound that I have become obsessed with ever since I saw them perform.

The night began with a band named The Sewing Club, also from Nashville, which sadly I missed due to traffic on the way to the show, but I heard from other patrons they were an amazing start to the night and also had an indie pop type sound.

The second band up was Whitehall from South Carolina. They all seemed very energetic, especially the guitarist who was hopping all around the stage while they were performing. The band was just all around fun to watch and a joy to hear for the first time. While listening to them play they definitely reminded me of The Backseat Lovers, a band I absolutely love, so if you like that band I highly recommend listening to Whitehall.

Arlie's Nathaniel Banks via Courtney Karikka

Once they were done with their set, all the fans started chanting for Arlie to come out on stage. As the stagehands were setting up this elaborate scene of clouds made of wood on the stage, you could see the fans get more and more excited for what was to come. The clock struck 8:15 and they finally got what they came for.

Arlie hit the stage and the crowd erupted into cheers. The whole band came out wearing all white and their frontman, Nathaniel Banks, was even wearing angel wings which really fit in with the whole cloud theme of the stage. They opened with “” which is one of their older songs but that definitely didn't stop the crowd from singing along with the singer the whole song.

Banks’ voice was definitely one I could listen to forever; it was angelic even, and not just because he was wearing those wings. My personal favorite of the night was “crashing down” which included a phenomenal sax solo from the frontman which was something I have never in my life seen at a show before. It made me want to see more cool instrument solos at shows.

As the night was coming to a close the band slowed things down a bit with an acoustic song. The whole crowd was silent and all you could hear was Banks’ powerful voice filling the room. The set ended and fans began to file out almost in a daze over the astonishing show all three bands put on for them.

All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with Arlie especially going into the show only hearing one of their songs before. I am definitely a fan after seeing their performance. I already can’t get some of the songs out of my head after hearing them that night. The tour still has a few more dates around the United States so I recommend seeing them if they are coming to a city near you!

All images of Arlie and Whitehall are by Courtney Karikka


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