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"Amsterdam" by Tear Decline

One of my favorite things an artist does when making music is putting silky adlibs at the beginning of a song. Feeling as though you’re drifting through the air on a big cloud, the vocals shine through as you make it to the beginning of the first verse. That is exactly what band Tear Decline does in their latest single, “Amsterdam.”

Courtesy of Tear Decline

Released on March 3rd, the song starts out with strums of the guitar followed by adlibs, both notes from a lower and higher range harmonizing together, creating the most melodious sound. The first verse then kicks in as Hannah states “Feels so lonely, feels so distant.” The first chorus is soft, as both Hannah and Max come through once more, pleading: “Take me to another place, one that’s more like Amsterdam.” As the song takes us to the second verse, you can feel as though something big is about to come up as Hannah asks: “Are we destined to be all alone?” Following this verse, we hear the sounds of the piano and guitar picking up, breath-taking adlibs shining through once more, creating the picture of running through the rain with someone you love to escape the mess that once was there. It made me feel like I was in a big coming-of-age movie, and it was an amazing feeling to feel. The chorus comes once more, but with more intensity as if the desire to escape is urgent. The ending repeats the chorus once more, ending with the strum of the guitar.

Tear Decline is an indie-pop duo from Tyrol, Austria. Performing and covering songs for a couple of years now, they decided to start making their own music in 2022, debuting with their single “In My Place.” We are so excited to see more from this amazing duo! Please check out Tear Decline!


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