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“All of Those Voices” Will Definitely Be Hearing Louis Tomlinson with Newly Announced Documentary

The anticipation Louies have been waiting for has finally come to a close.

Photo Credit: Charlie Lightning

Louis Tomlinson announced via his social media earlier this month that his newest project, “All of Those Voices,” will be released to cinemas worldwide on a limited release on March 22.

“I’ve said it a million times but I’m lucky enough to have the greatest fans an artist could wish for, and as you always go above and beyond for me, I wanted to share my story with you in my own words,” Tomlinson wrote in this announcement thread for the upcoming documentary.

The project is directed by Tomlinson’s photo and videographer, Charlie Lightening, who has also directed the award-winning Liam Gallagher documentary, "As It Was."

"All of Those Voices" is a project Louis has been working on for many years following his musical journey between his time on the X Factor and with One Direction, leading into his successful solo career, according to a synopsis by Simon Jones PR.

The film will also feature behind-the-scenes footage from Tomlinson’s sold-out 2022 world tour, as well as never before seen clips from the final moments of One Direction.

Fans of Louis worldwide are expressing their excitement about the long-awaited project, which has been hinted about since 2021. Here are some of our favorites:

“I’ve been excited since April 2021 when a documentary being in the works was announced. Understated to say that I’m beyond proud to see it on the big screen soon!!” -Hannah Langbehn.

“It's amazing to see how confident he finally is in himself and his artistry. I'm so insanely proud of him and everything he has done.” -Sophia Tutti.

If you want a sneak peek at the long-awaited project by Louis for "All of Those Voices," watch the trailer below!

If you are as excited as we are, you can check out if the documentary will be shown near you by clicking here.

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