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Ain't Gotta Call 911, Teddy Swims Is In Town

Following his tour supporting Greta Van Fleet, R&B and soul singer Teddy Swims embarked on his own headlining tour for his brand new album I've Tried Everything But Therapy', making a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina at The Fillmore on October 1st.

Teddy Swims via Bella Wagner

Setting the stage for Teddy was pop singer Matt Hansen from Berkeley, CA. His strong vocals and clear passion for singing was captivating. He sang a few of his newer songs including "CHEMICALS", "break my bones", and an unreleased song, "something to remember". He even covered "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls which earned an exciting reaction from the crowd. His performance overall was wonderful and I recommend checking him out!

Matt Hansen via Bella Wagner

Eventually the time came and the lights went down. It was time for the real show to start. The band walked on stage beginning the intro and Teddy joined shortly after, starting off the night with "911", the opening song off of his 2022 EP Tough Love, immediately followed by a cover of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey which is easily one of my new favorite covers. His voice and style of singing I thought fit perfectly with the song choice and he delivers it with ease.

Teddy Swims via Bella Wagner

Song after song, he never failed to keep the crowd moving. Around halfway through the set he performed his hit single "Lose Control", which of course everyone went wild for, and rightfully so! His incredible vocals shine through, beautifully showcasing his raw talent. It is definitely a fan favorite for all the right reasons. Next was "Amazing" and "Simple Things", a couple more from Tough Love, and a heartfelt cover of "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain, dedicated to his mom who was in attendance that night. He went on to thank his fans, saying "I'm so grateful to you, you have saved my life". It's so nice to see an artist who truly appreciates and loves their fans who love them just as much. For encore he sang one of my personal favorites, "The Door", and threw his jacket into the crowd leaving a lucky fan with a souvenir before closing out the show with "Bed On Fire". This show overall left me in good spirits and I would love to see him again if I ever had the chance. Teddy Swims just has the most infectious, fun loving, and sweet personality, and is an amazing performer and artist!

If you want to catch Teddy on tour you can do so here as well as check out his music!

All Images via Bella Wagner

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