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A Spring Listen: LEMON & HONEY by Jack Vinoy

LEMON & HONEY is a new offering written as a reminder to back yourself and know your worth. It features fellow Nashville gent Brian Brown as a smooth offering just in time for spring nights driving in the rain.

Jack Vinoy is originally from Florida but has settled in Nashville where he keeps himself busy in the underground music scene, producing for and collaborating with many different artists. the rest of the track has the internet to thank.

Jack built the track around pieces he received via email from all over, with Andrew Twining (Grand Rapids, Michigan) providing the primary sample, Dougy (Chicago, Illinois) sending some synthesizer and vocal ambiences." 

Sharing more behind the single, Jack explained: “LEMON & HONEY is a sort of mantra for me, reminding myself to think positively and feel pride in my growth as a person, and as an artist. There’s a line in the pre-chorus where I say “Me two years ago would want a picture with me now” because I know that I’ve made such strides in that time and I think my past-self would be really proud of what I’ve accomplished.”

Right off the bat you can hear the inspiration from Mac Miller in the Intro of the song. (Jack pulls inspiration from the likes of Jai Paul and Jean Dawson.) His sound is kinda hard to box, something I always admire. going through to the verse “Can’t put a price on this” really sticks out to me acknowledging the importance of self worth especially in the music industry having so many different styles and ways of making music. 

The production is so interesting throughout the whole track from beginning to end, matching the lyrics to each noise is really an experience. The outro is smoothly executed to exit your ears with a nice almost radio noise. Over all this upbeat almost modern synth pop song with a positive balance should definitely be on your rotation, 

Jack is someone who’s finger is very much on the pulse of new music. Sat on a wealth of dynamic and innovative music, expect a lot more from Jack Vinoy this year! 

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