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A Night to Remember with Between You & Me

On March 13th Between You & Me’s Sh!t Yeah Tour hit Denver. This Australian pop-punk band formed in Melbourne, played at the Marquis Theater in the heart of downtown. While this band has toured as support in the US this was their first time ever headlining in Denver.

Photo of Between You & Me by Courtney Karikka
Between You & Me by Courtney Karikka

As I approached the doors of the venue, I could hear everyone talking about how excited they were for the night to begin and how exciting it would be to finally see a band they love headline. With four bands on the bill, I couldn’t wait for this show to get started. The first band up was Cherie Amour, a nu-punk style band out of Baltimore, Maryland. They got the crowd warmed up just right. They also performed a song I’ve been loving at the moment called "Orlando," definitely give it a listen it's such a good driving with the windows down kind of song.

Next up was Homesafe, a band out of Chicago, Illinois. They gave me midwestern emo vibes and I really enjoyed their set. It took me back to when I was younger and listened to music similar to that. You could tell the crowd was wound up after they exited the stage ready for the next band to play just getting closer and closer to the main act of the night.

Photo of Young Culture by Courtney Karikka
Young Culture by Courtney Karikka

Young Culture was next and immediately they were a crowd favorite. Their singer, Alex Magnan, was bringing so much energy to the stage and all the fans were bouncing off of him reciprocating everything he was giving. They gave an outstanding performance that fired up everyone in the room.

Finally, it was time for what everyone was waiting for, Between you & Me hit the stage. This being their first headliner in the US I didn't exactly know what to expect, I had only seen them previously as an opener. They didn’t hold anything back, from the production of the show to the amazing performance everyone gave. Just hearing everyone sing their songs back to them and jumping to the music was something I’m sure they won’t forget.

Coming all the way from Australia and doing a headliner in America can be daunting and super expensive, but Denver definitely showed out for Between You & Me and the rest of the bands on the bill. The venue was filled to the brim with hundreds of people who adored them.  The band recently dropped “In The Middle,” a new single from their upcoming EP “Sh!t Yeah” which is where the tour name hails from. They, of course, played that single along with some songs from their 2021 album “Armageddon” (which I highly recommend listening to; it's full of fantastic songs). The amount of love and gratitude they showed on stage was something that was so heartwarming and you could tell that everyone felt the love in the room that night. At one point near the end of the show the singer, Jake Wilson,  asked whoever wanted to get onstage with them as they performed their last song of the night. But to my surprise and the band’s, the night wasn’t over yet. The crowd cheered so long for an encore they had no choice but to come back out and do just one more for the fantastic crowd. All in all, if the Sh!t Yeah Tour is coming to a city near you I highly recommend going you’ll have the time of your life!

All the above photos of Between You & Me, Young Culture, Homeafe, & Cherie Amour, were taken by Courtney Karikka.

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