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A Look Into Cassie Fireman's Latest Singles

Cassie Fireman has recently released two singles: "Chase" and "Time To Go," which also have beautifully shot music videos to accompany them.

"Time To Go" follows Cassie's traumatic experience of having a miscarriage and features somber instrumentals with emotionally charged lyrics. Due to the miscarriage, Cassie says she learned a lot about herself and her connection to the earth. Traumatic events like this are something everyone can relate to and learn from. Cassie's outlook on life should be a role model for others, as she continued with her passions such as music, and kept a positive outlook.

"Chase" and "Time To Go" showcase Cassie's musicality with elegant vocals and lyrics that are incredibly personal but still resonate with every listener.

"Chase" has an upbeat sound with a catchy chorus whereas "Time To Go" highlights the depth of what Cassie was experiencing at the time. Both songs show Cassie's incredible range as a songwriter. Both of the music videos are incredibly well produced and feature beautiful visuals, as well as telling a story. Cassie has stated that the videos were created through happenstances where she and her husband reconnected with old friends, which harbored the wonderful creativity showcased in these songs and videos.

Cassie's approach to music is very nuanced, and it's heavily based on her own life experiences, combined with a unique sound space that sets her music apart from others. I think Cassie is sure to have a dramatic increase in listeners due to her life experiences and sheer talent when combined with dedication and time. Her music appeals to listeners of artists like Lana Del Rey, Gracie Abrams, Phoebe Bridgers, and Billie Eilish. Many listeners can resonate and find solace in Cassie's music, and I think this is a great vantage point for her music.

Be sure to check out Cassie's music here, and follow her Instagram right here!

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