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A Different Side to the Story with Raylee Forest as we Explore just that in her New EP ‘My World’

My World EP Art via Spotify

Raylee writes music for villains and she provides that for any listeners in her debut EP, My World, released on the 22nd of May.

Raylee’s releases like "Mask" and "Trophy Hunter" certainly provide evidence of a breakthrough from her.

My World’s release could mean something massive for Raylee and is a great come back from her last releases. Mixing both East Asian and Western music is certainly difficult but she has done it well with this EP.

Raylee Forest Press Image

With "Fly," "Secret Garden," and "Let Them Out," making that three of the five tracks already released, it was intriguing to see how these two new tracks help round out the EP as a whole with how well the singles performed.

Her opening track "Fortune Teller," is a very intense track and is what you expect of Raylee’s music, but that doesn’t mean it disappoints. It is certainly the stand-out track in the EP for me personally.

It is a whimsical track with electric notes, and the beat helps carry the vocals throughout.

I enjoyed how the songs were formulated, and you can see how each tells a story. "Writing songs for the villains," as she says herself in her Spotify bio, is an amazing way to describe how these tracks felt and suits her music so beautifully.

The elements of East Asian pop echo through each track which makes her music stand out from others in the pop genre. We can tell she is attempting to push the boundaries of Western pop, and it is certainly working.

This is an artist that is worth keeping tabs on, and we highly suggest you listen to Raylee’s new release My World out on all platforms!

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