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A Deep Dive in 'Revealer' An Album Filled With Hard Truths And Confessions By Madison Cunningham

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

'Revealer' was released on September 9th and is a self-protait of a young artist who is navigating life filled with doubts and unsettling feelings but is bursting excitement about life and music.

Madison Cunningham is a two times Grammy nominated multi-talented singer, songwriter and guitarist who has had already incredible success in her career but still has so much more to accomplish and her future in the music world couldn´t look more brighter.

Her newest album, 'Revealer', is hers deepest record yet, its intimate filled with confessions and hard truths, it adresses the uncomfortable, but stills brings the comfort that you don´t always have the answers or solutions for everything, sometimes they aren´t even concrete or exist.

Cunningham worked again with Mike Elizondo (Twenty One Pilots, Gary Clark Jr) and hers longtime producer and collaborator Tyler Chester and Tucker Martine (Neko Case, Sufjan Stevens). The process of creating the record was a long one, trying to get back in touch with her love for music and ditching the fears surrounding the final sucess of the album, "I have spoken a lot about how hard it was to make it [the album] because when the good break-through moments came, there was sort of another hurdle immediately after that, so it felt like it was this stop and go progression the whole time" she says. Madison along the process had questions if what she was working towards was good or not but having the album complete and out to the world - for about a month - proved that it was definately a sucess.

The main goal with 'Revelear' was to start conversations and that was accomplished in the most authetic way possible, "I suppose it’s always a gamble when you put music out and you put out things that are true for you; you kind of wait to see if it’s true for anybody else, and so far, that’s been the overwhelming reaction to it, which has been very cool to see" she says. The conversations around the record has been beyond suportive, and hearing people relating to the tracks and sharing that has made Madison feels less alone.

via Claire Marie Voguel

The Truman Show was one of the biggest inspirations when creating the visuals for 'Revelear'. The film has an uneasy feeling and elements that makes the viewer feel like there is more things happening that the cameras aren´t showing. And that's exaclty what happens when listening to the album, at first it can feel lighthearted due the instrumentation of the tracks, but when you actually hear each songs paying attention to the lyrics you realize how deep the record is and the music videos helps develop this idea more further.

"I think the record is sort of constantly showing what it’s trying to hide, and I think that’s an ironic thing that I like in music that immediately takes the edge off of the seriousness. You can’t take yourself too seriously in that sort of a context."

Madison has been an opening act for mutiple artists, including Harry Styles, and she shared that it has allowed her to learn how to wield an audience and shed nerves on stage. "I think specifically playing in front of a Harry Styles crowd, it showed me what the songs could be, where they could go, and that they could play. They could survive a room like that. Learning how to play to that amount of energy is difficult, but exciting when it works", she says. Headlining her own tour comes with a lot of excitement, it allows her to bring her songs to have a life of their own and truly get in her element. Even though healining your own show can bring a lot of pressure since the audience is there to see you, Madison enphasizes just how much bigger she wants these shows to be for people spending their time and money to see her live, "Learning how to not just think about yourself in the performance and what your fingers are going, but actually looking out and paying attention. Knowing the songs enough to where you can actually pay attention to the audience and how to make them feel like the performance is for them and not just about you making sure it’s perfect. I think there’s a difference and the audience can sense that. No audience is stupid", she continues.

You can check the dates of The Revealer Tour clicking here!

'Revealer' is available in all streaming platforms and if you want to follow Madison to stay up to date with future releases here´s her Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!

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