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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Our featured artist this week is NIGHTBREAKERS!

via Nolan Fisher

This Tampa alt-pop band is truly on the rise, and these "sad boys from the sunshine state" will make your way into your playlists!

NIGHTBREAKERS is composed of five members: Zakk Giordano (vocalist), Spencer Giordano (bassist), David Caban (guitarist), Dan Smith (guitarist), and Logan Lavo (drummer). The group released its first single, "Bloodshot Blue Eyes," in 2019. They have been writing and releasing incredible tracks since then, including "Attention," their most popular song, with over a million streams on Spotify. They have also released two EPs titled "No More Sad" and "Feelings." "Feelings" was released in 2021, which became a visual project with music videos and visualizers that fit the individual tracks perfectly. Their fresh sound and their visuals truly have us in love! We also love the essence of their acoustic versions! We just love when artists get vulnerable with their most personal songs, and NIGHTBREAKERS doesn't disappoint.

What has the group been up to during 2022? Well, for starters, they released their latest single, "Hopeless Romantic," this past July. Be sure to check out our review of this song! They have also been playing live and having fun in venues around Florida, including Tampa and St. Petersburg. NIGHTBREAKERS will deliver a delightful live atmosphere with great tunes and a dedicated fanbase that's been growing like crazy! There are currently no scheduled shows on the horizon, but we will keep listening to their music on repeat to prepare ourselves to shout their lyrics at their next concert!

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