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#7 - The Forum

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Our featured artist this week is The Forum!

The Forum is a four-piece indie-rock act from Florida. The band members, Ethan Klohr (drums), Michael Higgins (vocals), Mick Wheeler (guitar), and Jake Farrell (bass) are involved in the writing of their material, and their main focus is on their live energy. After graduating college in 2018, The Forum hit the road to perform across the sunshine state alongside familiar faces, such as Tessa Violet and Colony House.

The group has released multiple singles throughout 2021, including “Young Dumb Head,” “Dancers,” and “Somebody To Rely On.” These songs are so fresh. They will make you dance and live life to the fullest! The amazing instrumentals are a vibe to enjoy with your friends, and they are a great addition to consider for your road trip playlists. If that wasn’t enough, the band released their latest single, “Honeypace,” today! They have shared how this song “was written in kitchens and bedrooms across the stage,” preserving The Forum’s essence. Stream it here!

The Forum has a few live shows lined up for the rest of the year in Floridian cities such as Gainesville, Orlando, and Tampa. Their next performance after today, will be at the Playground Music and Arts Festival this Saturday! Their set will start at 3 pm, and we hope to hear “Honeypace” for the first time live! You can get your tickets to all their scheduled shows by clicking here.

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