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#6 - Reliant Tom

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Our featured artist this week is Reliant Tom!

Reliant Tom is an indie alt-pop band based in Brooklyn (NY), formed by songwriter and dancer Claire Cuny and producer Monte Weber, also known as Metno.

Cuny and Weber met in 2015 and immediately felt like they would work well together thanks to their passion for music. Cuny fell in love with the New York music scene, and Weber was exploring interactive technology and sound creation, so their love of art has helped them to create new sounds with their different projects. They have released 2 albums: Bad Orange (2018), which explores a more rock-alternative sound, and Play & Rewind (2020), which incorporates more instruments and introspective themes.

Reliant Tom is currently working on their next full-length record called “dancer in the dark” with singles released throughout 2021 and 2022. The album will include 10 tracks, and you can enjoy 6 of them through their Spotify playlist called “dancer in the dark so far…” The singles have been released alongside their respective music videos. All of these visuals have been unique to their respective songs but they also are very colorful and diverse, making “dancer in the dark” to be an eclectic visual album.

The band goes above and beyond with their creativity while showcasing their music live, including dancers and colorful lights and sounds to their concerts to display their uniqueness. They will be the openers for Fox Royale and Jake Brewer at The Sultan Room in Bushwick (NY). You can buy your tickets here!

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