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#5 - Shawn Mendes

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Our featured artist this week is Shawn Mendes!

Mendes was born and raised in Canada and he taught himself guitar when he was 14. He started being known worldwide thanks to his first single, “Life of the Party,” in 2014, and he became the youngest artist to land a debut single in the Top 25 in the U.S., releasing his debut album, “Handwritten,” a year later. The record became a huge success, leading him to release more singles that were great advancements in his career, such as “Stitches,” “Treat You Better,” “There’s Nothin’ Holdin’ Me Back,” and “In My Blood.” He has also released multiple global chart-topper collaborations, including “Señorita” with Camila Cabello in 2019, which allowed him to be nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the Grammys. After releasing four albums and exploring deep themes in his lyrics, there’s no doubt that Mendes will continue to be on top of the charts. He also has a foundation under his name, which looks to empower youth changemakers and their work. The Shawn Mendes Foundation gives a voice to inspiring individuals and their foundations to make an impact.

Mendes released his latest single “When You’re Gone” back in March of this year, with an additional acoustic version, released in May. He recently canceled the tour dates that he had scheduled to focus on his mental health. We hope that he takes time to recover, and we can’t wait to see him on tour in the future!

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