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#45 - Snarls

Our featured artist this week is Snarls!

Courtesy of @ethanbenavidez

Snarls are perfect for you if you have been waiting for more girl alternative-rock bands to listen to! The Ohio group came together through instant connections. Sometimes, you just know when you're getting together with people you just met, and decide to begin an amazing musical journey with them! We instantly got attracted to Snarls' vibes, and we think you should check their discography out! While the band is constantly in the studio brewing some new tunes, we want to recommend you our favorite Snarls' tracks: you obviously should listen to their latest single, "After You (Samantha's Song), and their EP "What About Flowers?" (our favorite songs from that project are "I'll Follow You" and "For You!").

Snarls are hyping up the crowds of some of our favorite artists, as they are currently a supporting act on Louis Tomlinson's Faith In The Future Tour until June 13th, and they will be supporting The Regrettes for a few dates this July and August! You can check out their website and get your tickets right here and follow them on their socials here!

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