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#36 - Faye Webster

Our featured artist this week is Faye Webster!

Courtesy of Brandon McClain (@eathumans)

Passionate songwriting is one of our favorite things to enjoy in music, and Faye channels every single emotion in her music. This Atlanta-based musician has risen in popularity, as she has performed in festivals such as Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo, and Innings. Faye released her latest EP, "Car Therapy Sessions," in April last year, with amazing orchestral instrumental throughout to create beautiful arrangements. Her unique artistry is truly something that we're obsessed with!

Faye will be performing in three more festivals this year: Kilby Block Party at Salt Lake City, Utah (May 12th-14th), Winnipeg Folk Festival at Winnipeg, Canada (July 6th-9th), and Hinterland Music Festival at Saint Charles, Iowa (August 6th). You can get your tickets and your favorite Faye merch right here!

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