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#35 - Cheem

Our featured artist this week is Cheem!

Courtesy of Abby Clare (@abby.clare)

This Connecticut-based band meets rap, rock, and eclectic beats that will make you jam almost immediately! Cheem is ready to make you have fun while listening to their discography. Isn't that what we all try to achieve when we turn on our headphones? Every single one of their bangers has something new to offer while also traveling back in time to those melodies from when they were kids. We also have to mention their aesthetic, which has pulled us in instantly! Their style is just a signature look that will make us keep up with their next releases in the future.

"Guilty Pleasure" is their latest album, released in July of last year. This project makes us rock our socks off! We also have to mention the music video for their track "Pay2Play," which has captured our attention. So, so good!

Cheem has been on tour throughout March, and they are performing in Providence (RI) and Boston (MA) to give us more iconic live performances. You can get your tickets and follow their social media platforms here!

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