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#33 - Honey Revenge

Our featured artist this week is Honey Revenge!

Courtesy of Kyle Bertrand (@kylebertrand)

Devin Papadol and Donovan Lloyd have an incredible, unique vibe that we love. We recommend you to check out their music and be a part of their lively hive! The LA-based pop-rock duo has created melodies that we love to sing along to, and they've also created fun visuals to add more sweetness to their amazing tracks, such as their latest single, "Are You Impressed?" Their vibrant color palette makes their visual projects so enjoyable! If you're a big fan of great music and genuine, cool songs, this band is definitely for you!

Honey Revenge will be going on their first North American tour this spring alongside The Home Team and Broadside starting March 25th! A lot of the dates have sold out already, so be sure to get your tickets here as soon as possible! And make sure to check out their social media pages and their merch right here!

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