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#31 - Izzy Mahoubi

Our featured artist this week is Izzy Mahoubi!

Via @izzymahoubi, Courtesy of @morganmophoto

We love to give a spotlight on those passionate young artists that will be taking the music industry by storm soon, and Izzy is one of the most talented upcoming singers. Her lyrics have resonated with many, giving her traction on social media and connecting her stories with their own.

Izzy released her latest single, "Torn in Two," on Valentine's Day, even though this song describes that feeling of knowing that you're drifting apart from someone and it's time to move on. The music video for this track brings us to Izzy's room to see her trying to let go of the things she has been keeping that remind her of that special person.

Izzy will perform at Valley Bar in Phoenix (AZ) on February 24th to celebrate the release of "Torn In Two." You can get your tickets right here and follow her social media platforms here!

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