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#30 - Wasted Era

Our featured artist this week is Wasted Era!

Courtesy of Wasted Era's Instagram (@wastederaus)

This goes to all of our emos out there! Wasted Era is a musical trio composed of Justin Camps, Sebastian Zuniga, and Lamar Hall. If you want some amazing alternative rock music to blast in your speakers, this is the band you were looking for!

The group released their latest single, "Toxic," this February, and it's safe to say that we can't stop listening to it! The instrumentals and the vocals just make us move our heads like crazy. We love to discover new jams to have on repeat! Wasted Era's discography is perfect for you if you enjoy those hardcore vibes, from "Toxic" to their other singles, "Hopeless, "Faded," and many more!

We will be sure to keep an eye on what Wasted Era crafts next! Until then, we will follow them on Instagram to check out their next projects.

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