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#28 - ENV

Our featured artist this week is ENV!

via @envthegroup

The world of R&B keeps surprising us with new groups that are ready to take on the world, and ENV is the perfect choice if you want to start to get into the genre! ENV is an American girl group from Jackson, Mississippi composed of Big Trouble, Essence, and Fait. They have been working really hard to become a girl group that becomes a staple in your daily lives! Their vocals are absolutely amazing, and they complement each other nicely every time they perform. ENV debuted with their first single, "Waves," in 2019, which tells us that relationships have ups and downs, but once it settles, it's worth the ride. If you want to check out ENV in more detail, you have to watch this beautiful performance of "Audacity," We're obsessed with it!

ENV will release their new single, "Desire," on February 10th! You can pre-save it through this link, and you can keep following ENV's journey by following their Instagram and their Twitter!

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