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#27 - Watch The Skunk

Our featured artist this week is Watch The Skunk!

Watch The Skunk Spotify profile picture

Watch The Skunk is ready to become one of your favorite new music discoveries with their different combinations of styles in their tracks. Based in Columbus (GA), the group is formed by Johneth Moore, Kaya Vanya Lea, Charles Glausier, and John Barfield. The members collaborate together to create music that we've never heard before from different genres, such as rock, midwest emo, indie, and more. They also have other individual projects in the works, and they also are part of other independent bands.

Watch The Skunk has a live album to explore their live music in more detail!

If you want to see Watch The Skunk performing live, they will be showcasing their music at Furnace41 in their Anti-Valentines Day Festival on February 11th! You can get your tickets right here, and you can follow their Instagram page here!

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