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#26 - DE'WAYNE

Our featured artist this week is DE'WAYNE!

Photo by Shai Paul

DE'WAYNE is an alternative artist from Houston that includes different elements from various genres in his music, such as rock, punk, and pop. This amazing singer loves great songwriting and storytelling to make people feel like they should take risks and let life flow.

DE'WAYNE released his latest album, "My Favorite Blue Jeans," last October, which included incredible tracks and multiple collaborations featuring POORSTACY, grandson, iDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, and Good Charlotte. DE'WAYNE's second album did not disappoint, and it has conquered many of his fans' hearts, including ours! This album is a perfect project to see his musical and personal growth.

Be sure to check out DE'WAYNE's website to stay in touch with his socials!

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