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#23 - HUNNY

Our featured artist this week is HUNNY!

Courtesy of Ryan Scott Graham (@ryanscottgraham)

We have recommended you a full array of artists this year, and we are ending 2022 with an amazing pop-rock band that will conquer your heart! HUNNY is a Los Angeles-based band formed by four incredible musicians: Jason Yager (lead singer and guitarist), Jake Goldstein (guitarist), Joey Anderson (drummer), and Kevin Grimmett (bassist/keyboardist). The band wants to create music for a long time, and they're very passionate about their craft.

HUNNY has had a busy 2022, as they released their EP "Homesick" in July with four songs and visuals, and they released an extended version of it in November, which included their latest tracks "JFK" and "Good Will Hunting Song," and remixes from their first single of this year, "Homesick."

The band has been on the road a lot this year, as they started 2022 with shows around the West Coast in February and March, and participating in festivals such as the Noise Pop Music + Arts Festival in the Bay Area and the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. They also played shows in some newer cities in November before supporting State Champs on their tour.

HUNNY is not planning on stopping their amazing stage presence in 2023, as they will support Waterparks on their Property Tour from April 28th to June 13th! You can get your tickets here, and you can follow the band on their social media platforms through this link!

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