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2 Carat by Eighty Ninety

If you love listening to Cade Hoppe's music, you will love to listen to to "2 Carat" by Eighty Ninety.


Produced by brothers Abner (vocals, producer) and Harper (guitar, producer) James, this song welcomes a new beginning for Eighty Ninety as they are releasing their debut album later this year. It is a blend of organic instrumentation, atmospheric production and poignant lyricism. The duo stated that the single "is about coming to terms with the realization that the right person may have come (and gone) at the wrong time, when you weren't whole enough to be able to recognize or reciprocate their love." They also added that the song is about "the struggle to free yourself from cycles of questioning and regret so that you can make space in your life for a fuller self, new joy, and new love." This song is like a mix of "When You're Gone" by Shawn Mendes and "How Do You Love Somebody" by Why Don't We.

Listen to "2 Carat" by Eighty Ninety and check out their website here!

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