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#19 - Hunter Elizabeth

Our featured artist this week is Hunter Elizabeth!

via Ricky Ferrer

Hunter is a Floridian artist with many talents: she's a singer-songwriter, a pianist, and a percussionist. She has released music as a solo musician and she is also a member of Holly Pocket, an Orlando-based alternative group that made its live debut last month! It's so inspiring to see her passion for music coming alive. Her voice is so beautiful! The keyboard is her incredible companion, and her presence on stage should be highlighted as a must-watch for Floridian's upcoming musicians. Hunter knows how to make us feel connected to her emotions through her art and her experience with human feelings like love and mental health.

We at Musaholic Magazine love to showcase talented artists that deserve a place in your playlists, and Hunter is a perfect example of them. If you would like to give her a chance, be sure to check her Spotify page, as it features her music as a soloist. If you would like to see her live, Hunter's December is packed with shows across Orlando and Daytona Beach, so make sure to follow her social media pages to keep up with her upcoming live dates! And if you want to check out Holly Pocket, click here!

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